Like my ideas?

If you like my ideas, I am available to present to staff, clusters and conferences. I also facilitate with individuals or groups of teachers in tailor-made professional development sessions.  To start a conversation in relation to this I can be contacted via email –

My-learning professional development options can be tailored for your school’s needs. For more information – My-learning PD Packages.

2 thoughts on “Like my ideas?

  1. Hi Emma,

    Our daughter is year 6 at Northcote Primary and will be starting at Northcote Intermediate in 2014. We have heard about the My-Learning programme that is being trialed at the school and are quite enthusiastic about how it will suit our daughter who is quite a self-motivated and independent learner. Are you able to tell us a bit more about how the programme works in terms of the student/teacher interaction and how the children get involved in setting their own learning goals/timetables. We understand that there is an intention to streamline the programme so that students can transition through from primary (Willowpark), NIS and Northcote College. Thanks, Deanne Rogers

    1. Hi Deanne,

      Sorry for the late reply. I needed to chat to Craig, the principal at Northcote Intermediate, to see what he had planned in terms of community engagement, information evenings and the like. I’m in the process of putting together a collection of videos to show how My -learning works and what the students’ perspectives on it are. In the mean time, you are more than welcome to come and visit. I think this will give you the best idea of how everything operates. My email is if you’d like to arrange a time to visit and chat.


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