Who am I? Plus contact details.

Who am I?

My name is Emma Kingston (nee Winder) and I am a teacher from Auckland who is currently facilitating across two clusters of schools on the North Shore.


Prior to teaching Emma studied psychology and practiced therapy with children on the autism spectrum. Following this, Emma completed her teaching diploma and has been a passionate educator ever since.
Emma is particularly interested in engagement, motivation and personalising learning. Over the past few years she has experimented with and refined her use of effective pedagogies, technology and learning spaces. Combining and repackaging pre-existing, proven pedagogies has resulted in a highly effective teaching and learning approach that Emma has called My-learning. My-learning has been recognised by others both within and outside of New Zealand as an exciting, future focused initiative that allows teachers to successfully cater for 21st century learners and utilise the strengths of the New Zealand curriculum. As a result of this, Emma now facilitates in schools with a focus on future focused pedagogies.
More recently, Emma has become passionate about educator collaboration, professional development and grass roots innovations. Emma founded and facilitates the EduCafe event which allows educators to connect and collaborate around poignant questions that pertain to educational improvement. She has also presented at a number of conferences, has been interviewed for P.D related videos and spoken at teacher only days. She has facilitated professional development on a 1:1 basis and has begun creating a collection of e-learning videos showcasing “bite sized ideas for busy teachers” called Smidgens.
Emma has expertise in the following areas:
– Future focused, 21st century teaching and learning
– e-learning – from the basics of web 2.0 tools, blogging and Tweeting to evaluating teaching practice to transform learning
– facilitating discussions around big, poignant or provocative questions
– creativity and being “in your element” at school
– personalisation of learning and application of assessment for learning practices
– modern learning environments in traditional, single cell classrooms as well as new spaces

Contact me:

Email emmalouisekingston@gmail.com

Twitter @emmawinder25

Skype emma-winder25

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