Hello, my name is Emma and it’s been a REALLY long time since I blogged…

And I’m feeling REALLY disconnected from fellow education people out there in the big wide world….

And I haven’t been to any of the things I used to go to for such a very long time, like Ignite and all those other fabulous teaching things that really spark your passion for education. I’m not even going to Ulearn this year.

It’s feeling a little like an AA meeting… but not so positive…


The point of this rant is that disconnection could be one of the number one things that put the breaks on your personal growth, I think. I also think that being disconnected puts up a huge barrier to passion and excitement. When I used to be better connected online and face to face I had much more passion for education, got involved in much meatier debates and had exciting ideas popping up in my head much more frequently.

I’ve become stuck in that rut that so many of us get stuck in… busyness… I hate that word! My job has taken over a bit lately, emotionally and time-wise. You see, being a new DP and learning that role in a school with a one to two year ERO review (and the huge change process that comes along with that) is not easy!

The problem is that I have let this become an excuse. I have let the job put my study on hold and get in the way of connecting with other people in the sector. I have become that person I didn’t want to be – who doesn’t actually have a terribly firm hold on what is going on out there in the big wide world, beyond the school gates.

How long do you need to be disconnected for before you are so out of the loop that there’s no coming back?

And so I vow, in public, that I will get involved again. I will schedule Twitter time. I will go to events other than the odd CORE breakfast and EduCafe. I will read other people’s blogs again. I will start up my study again in the new year.

If you’re reading this blog, you are probably one of those well connected people who has their finger on the pulse of education at the moment. There will be people you work with who aren’t connected like you are. Encourage them to be!! I didn’t know how beneficial it was until I inadvertently lost it…


One thought on “Disconnection

  1. Thanks Emma, You make sense. I have missed your comments. it is sooo hard to keep a balance. Keep up the great work. You are what education needs.!

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