A very special EduCafe! Term 4: 19th November

Term’s 4’s EduCafe will be a little different…

At this event, we will be joined by Dr. David Moreau, from the Centre for Brain Research. The topic of conversation will be

“Training the brain: Current knowledge and implications for education.”

David MoreauDr. David Moreau is a neuroscientist at the Centre for Brain Research in Auckland. Prior to coming to New Zealand, David spent three years as a postdoctoral research  associate at Princeton University, New Jersey. His area of research concerns the  plasticity of the brain, that is, the capacity for the brain to change throughout the  lifespan. In this session, David will discuss current research and knowledge about  training the brain, as well as how this line of work can inform best practices when  children face learning difficulties. He will present the rationale for the MovinCog Initiative, a nationwide program intended to offer children the tools to thrive in  schools. Finally, he will discuss some applications of this line of work to our classrooms, with a few practical situations.

How will the evening work?

Modelled on the “World Cafe” style of discussion.

Nibbles and beverages provided.

What are the details?

Term 4: Thursday 19th November 2015

6pm, for 6:15 start

National Library Auckland

8 Stanley St, Parnell


Thank you to Dr David Moreau for providing us with his time and expertise.

Thank you to CORE Education and the National Library for making this event happen.


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