Exploring the “modern”

There is SO much talk at the moment around what modern learning, teaching, spaces and mindsets might be, that I have organised two events this term to help us unpack such big ideas.

Firstly, on the 17th of August, there will be a get together at Campbell’s Bay School. This event is set up to be a fairly casual discussion for people who have either just moved into a new environment or are about to. The goal of the get together is to discuss the pressing and practical issues we face when in a very different space to what we are used to- What do we actually DO in these new spaces? How do we make the most of them?

More information is here.

The other event is EduCafe, which is on Thursday 27th August. Last term, the participants who attended EduCafe voted on the following topic:

What does the ‘M’ in MLE/MLP/MLM (Modern learning environment, practice, mindset) actually mean?

This will be a discussion for anyone who wishes to unpack these ideas to attend, not just those who find themselves in fancy new spaces. I anticipate the conversation at this event being fairly different to the first event – more philosophical, more broad and perhaps less about the nitty gritty of day to day teaching and learning.

It would be great if we could get a more diverse range of participants along to this event. Feel free to come if you are in a different industry, if you ar a parent, a student (perhaps over the age of about 10), a board of trustees member etc. etc…. Anyone is welcome as long as you are willing to discuss  your perspective on the topic. The more diversity the better so please pass this on to those who may be interested.

More information and tickets here.

AND, since we are talking about the modern and the future, how about having a listen to this audio from National Radio, where Salim Ismail discusses the future. What does this mean for education? Thank you to my Mum for sharing this with me.


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