So, we have a fancy MLE…. Now what?!

As I’m sure you know, there are a number of schools in Auckland where MLEs have recently been built, are getting built or are about to be built. This brings up a big question for teachers… How do we actually use this space to its full potential?!

How do we help to solve this?

Johanna Chambers from Torbay School and I (Emma Kingston) got talking at EduCafe recently about this very problem and she asked if she could pick my brain. My thought was, you can pick my brain any time but wouldn’t it be great to have many brains to pick? So this is the plan, to harness the knowledge, ideas and experiences of many people:

  • I have set up a Google doc for teachers to contribute questions they would like to discuss with other people.
  • I’ll print out these questions and make stations at our venue. Each station will have big sheets of paper and pens on it and will be set up for one question, from the Google doc. The idea is to have people at each station nutting out potential answers to the question together, so lots of discussion and debate.
  • At the event, we will have a bit of an introduction, then people can go to the station(s) they are interested in discussing. People would be free to roam around as many stations as they wished in a very fluid manner, depending on the interests of the attendees.
  • All the notes from the stations will be collated by me after the event and put up on the EduCafe blog for people to use back at school, if they wish to


Date and time:

Thursday 2nd July 3:45-5pm

3:45-3:55 – Introduction and explanation of how the evening will work.

4:00-4:50 – Discussion at stations around the questions from this doc.

4:50-5:00 – Sharing and summing up as a group.



Northern Health School – Northern Unit

Appollo House, 11 Appollo Drive,  Rosedale, Auckland 0632.

If you are keen on attending, please add your school and your question(s) to the doc  here.


2 thoughts on “So, we have a fancy MLE…. Now what?!

    1. Thanks Chris. I think it’s great to have both a face-to-face and online forum for this sort of conversation. So many schools seem to be in the same boat. Perhaps I can add some of the ideas that come out of our discussion to the VLN group.


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