EduCafe Term 2

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We are all set for EduCafe this term. I hope you can come!

This term we will be discussing how to make meaningful change in schools. This topic was suggested following a visiting lecturer seminar at Auckland University part way through Term 1 by Tony Bryk. In essence, Tony talks about the education world’s  lack luster performance when it comes to making change. This, he suggests, is due to a problem with:

…going fast and learning slow. We consistently fail to appreciate what it actually takes to make some promising idea work reliably in practice. We become disappointed when dramatic positive results do not readily emerge, and then we just move on to the next new reform idea. This should trouble all of us. If we continue to seek improvement in the ways we have always done, we are likely to continue to get what we have always gotten. The strategy of implementing fast and wide and fixing problems later has failed again and again.

Which opens up the question, how DO we make meaningful change in schools then?

For more information on Tony Bryk’s ideas, see this link or you may be interested in his book.

If you’d like to discuss this important topic, come along to EduCafe on the 21st of May. Tickets are here.


How have our ideas about learning changed?

Last term we interviewed some students from Northcote Intermediate about their learning –

  • How did they view learning?
  • How had their ideas about learning changed?
  • In what way did they view themselves as successful learners?
  • How well do they think they are prepared for life?

Below are the responses Renee and I got, when interviewing a range of students. Thank you very much to the students interviewed for your time and reflective thinking.