2015 begins!

As we head back to reality after a long, sunny summer holiday I hope everyone else has had a great start to the year too.

This year will be a bit different for me. If you want to contact me, I have a new email address to reflect my new surname, as I got married in the holiday – emmalouisekingston@gmail.com – I will have to get used to people calling me a different name too! However, I’ll keep my Twitter the same, at least for now – @emmawinder25

I also have a new job this year. I am no longer at Stonefields as I was approached to facilitate another cluster of schools this year. So this year I will be working across 3 secondary schools, 1 intermediate and 5 primary schools with a focus on future focused pedagogies and smooth transitions, using My-learning as a base but tailoring PD to fit different schools and teachers. It should be an exciting year.

I hope to go back to blogging more frequently and being more involved online this year so I look forward to chatting more with all the digitally connected teachers out there!

Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “2015 begins!

  1. Congrats on both the marriage and the new role. Would love to catch up at some stage and see if there is any way I can contribute or assist you. Cheers Mary

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