EduCafe: Term 4 – Thousand Dollar Pencils?

Well! This was an interesting event! Plenty of intense discussion and debate arose from this seemingly fairly innocuous question:

How do we ensure devices in our classrooms aren’t  thousand dollar pencils? 

What place do devices have in the classroom?

What is the pedagogy and institutional structure that sits behind the use of these devices to ensure they are used productively?

Once again, we had a room of passionate, dedicated teachers who were excited to discuss the question above. We were also lucky enough to be able to use the National Library premises again – a brilliant venue given it is neutral and central, not to mention rather stylish.

2013-10-31 18.59.412013-10-31 18.59.502013-10-31 19.48.262013-10-31 19.48.392013-10-31 19.48.522013-10-31 20.39.592013-10-31 18.59.142013-10-31 18.59.31

Thank you to all those who attended the event and to our supporters – TTS, Point Wines and, of course, the National Library. Thank you also to my Mum (chief setter-upper and wine pourer) and Andrew (ever patient and supportive).

Here are the doodlings from the evening:

Here are the key ideas that arose from the conversation:



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