What do kids want from us?

I asked my class recently what advice they would like to give teachers and here’s what they came up with:

  • Teachers should make their expectations really clear so you know you can’t produce sub-standard work.
  • Teachers should experiment and try things out with their students.
  • Start of easy, then up the ante as the year goes on.
  • Make sure there is enough time to do everything.
  • Make sure the work isn’t too hard or too easy.
  • Make what you want from kids really clear. Make sure kids understand what they’re doing.
  • Listen to the kids’ ideas.
  • Make tasks fun to do. Like interactive games.
  • Choose tasks that force kids to become more independent.
  • Make the tasks suit individual people.
  • Do crazy, weird stuff. Often these ideas really work.
  • Teach different skills throughout the year.
  • Don’t shout at kids.
  • Read what the kids write.
  • Have a joke and a break with us.
  • Don’t try and scare us into doing the right thing.
  • Don’t push us too much if we are having trouble. Push us hard enough to make us do our best.
  • Let us talk and collaborate, share and help each other.

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