Reflection on “It’s a Learner’s World” Conference

I was lucky enough to attend and present at the “It’s a Learner’s World” Conference in the holidays. It was a really enjoyable experience for me and I thought I would quickly share some of my learning and musings:

  • Lee Crockett mentioned the difference between teaching kids to be taught and training them to learn. I quite liked the simplicity in this and think it is a good way to re-think your practice as a teacher.
  • Inquiry needs to be a disposition, rather than a subject we ‘do’ from 2-3pm. It also isn’t necessarily a linear process, which makes me wonder about the inquiry models we have in schools.
  • Mary Anne Murphy framed inquiry as having 3 aspects – We are learning about… We are learning to be… and… We are learning to use…
  • She also discussed how teachers control discussions too much by doing all the questioning. We facilitate discussions like a game of ping pong – hitting the question out to the class, receiving an answer then hitting out another question. Mary Anne suggested a discussion should be more about looping questions and answers and giving more control over to the students.
  • Perry Rush challenged the audience to think about how our pedagogies catered for difference, rather than standardisation.
  • He also discussed the importance of ensuring students feedback to us, rather than a more one way process.
  • I am also in the process of unpacking what an inquiry approach to maths teaching could look like in practice. Any ideas or readings would be much appreciated if you have them.

I hope I have shared some useful ideas with you!


2 thoughts on “Reflection on “It’s a Learner’s World” Conference

  1. Hi Emma
    Thanks for being so committed to sharing your ideas! I enjoy finding out what is inspiring your thoughts! Have you got Effective pedagogy in mathematics by Glenda Anthony and Margaret Walshaw? Education practices Series 19.Also set 3 2003 has an article about Teacher Feedback to students in numeracy lessons by Nicky Knight. Of course the BES Series is a good place to go to discover about inquiry into practice. Have a great term!

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