Another chance for robust conversation.

Following the success of Term 2’s EduCafe, there will be another event held in Term 3.

EduCafe is an event designed to allow for robust discussion around key questions that pertain to educational improvement. It uses the World Café structure to facilitate discussion between a group of people around a poignant or provocative question, in a welcoming environment (read: fancy new National Library and wine). It hinges on the idea that potential answers to the problem are within the group of people and, through discussion, ideas will be crystallised, debated and potentially put into practice.

At Term 2’s event, people from all different education sectors, levels of the hierarchy and points of view came together to discuss what 21st Century education actually “looks” like in practice. The conversation was robust and productive. People were able to express their views, debate, share, learn and connect with others. In short, it was a successful evening and I’m sure Term 3’s event will be just the same.

Come along and contribute to the discussion!


National Library Auckland – 8 Stanley St, Parnell

100 tickets available.

Modelled on the “World Cafe” style of discussion.

Nibbles and beverages provided.

Term 3 Question:

20 odd years of top down reforms hasn’t changed the “long tail” of under achievement in New Zealand Education,

SO what are the bottom up reforms that will make meaningful, lasting changes?

For tickets go to

More information on


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