Jobs of the future.


This is a TED talk that’s worth watching, I think.

We talk lots in education about the jobs our students will enter into upon leaving school. We discuss the importance of fostering creativity and even entrepreneurship in students. So I was interested that, in this TED talk, those things were discussed but there was more of an economic focus than we tend to be accustomed to in the education world.

Andrew McAfee talks about the social disengagement of people now left out of the workforce, because their jobs have become  automated, and this got me thinking. Are we setting our kids up for failure by the way we teach? – Not just in terms of higher education or jobs, but marital bliss and having your say by voting.

On top of this, I found it interesting to note McAfee’s thoughts on Montessori. He seemed to find he was taught to engage with the world and investigate in  Montessori setting; yet prepared  for clerical work in the public school system. I wonder how true this is in the New Zealand school system? I have been told by a few Montessori teachers that their system is pretty similar to My-learning; I think My-learning might just have a little more rigor; in terms of assessment, perosnalisation, goal setting and timetabling. So hopefully I’m on the right track!

The talk  also highlighted the importance of the teaching profession for me, in the bigger scheme of society and economy. Definitely a talk to add to our ongoing discussions about 21st Century education…



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