What’s been happening this term? – Student Survey.

I’ve been so very slack with my blogging so now that I’m back into it, I have an awful lot to share from the past few weeks. So I thought I’d write a series of posts about all the exciting things that have happened this year.

Today: A Survey of Year 6.

At the very beginning of term the Year 6 teachers and I decided that we would survey the entire year group to:

  • Give us some baseline data to compare the end of the year with.
  • Give us an idea of where the students were at, in terms of their thoughts on learning and skills within the classroom.
  • Reflect on the results and use this to inform our teaching.

It was super beneficial to do this as we got a really clear idea of the work we have cut out for us. We have a long way to go this year but we’re up to the challenge! It also gave us a really clear reminder of how much easier our jobs will be once My-learning or even formative assessment practices are embedded further down the school. These are exciting times.

The students’ responses indicated the following:

  • Students do not have a clear idea of where they are at with their learning and what their goals are.
  • Students over rate themselves in terms of the skills they have.
  • Students will set goals but don’t know how to set specific goals.
  • Students reflect infrequently but do know what reflection is.
  • Students have a vague idea of what successful learners do.
  • Students don’t know what it means  to personalise learning.

Since this survey we have worked hard to discuss what skills students need to be successful learners and to teach these skills. We have also worked hard to set goals with the children that are relevant, targeted and specific. So we’re getting there!

Next post: Unpacking meaningful learning.


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