Reality kicks in: Work-life balance.

To sound like an A.A member, “hello, I am Emma and I haven’t blogged in weeks and weeks.”

Except this is not a good thing! The reality most teachers face of being much too busy to do the things we enjoy has kicked in for me this term. I’m sure many of you can understand this when I mention the dreaded 4 letter word: CAMP. Of course it was great fun and the kids got an awful lot out of it, BUT the organisation for camp does tend to suck all the energy you have away from things you’d rather be doing.

I find it very interesting to talk to different teachers and school leaders and get their take on how busy they are and how they make time to be “in their element” as a teacher. Some seem to easily find the time to engage in the things that push their educational buttons. Others seem to get bogged down by the mundane of behavior, trips, planning, camp and so on. I must say that I have tended to be in the former boat until this term, which has made the last few weeks all the more horrible! So, how do you make the time to do PD that interests you? Talk to other educators that have the same interests as you do? Instigate new ideas and programs that ‘spin your wheels’?

Below is a TED talk that rambles a little but has some good advice on work-life balance. It could have some ideas for us.


4 thoughts on “Reality kicks in: Work-life balance.

  1. I know how you feel – we are off on camp next week. So far I am managing to keep the juggling going – the mundane organisational stuff, the teaching, behaviour management, family and PD. I have regular moments of panic but these spur me on to organise my time and plan ahead. Will I keep the balls in the air all year? Probably not but I will keep trying and focus on my goal.

  2. Work-life balance is an ongoing search for me and somedays I feel like I have it down a little better than others. It’s easy for me to get completely consumed in my work and forget that what I’m working for is the ability to be with friends and family and enjoying life. It’s important we all seek this balance daily, even if we don’t always perfectly achieve it.

  3. Hi Emma, great to read a posting of yours again. Work/Life balance for me is an ideal. I guess as a teacher and now as a principal I’m reminded 99 days of 100 I actually really love my job and so it doesn’t seem to be “work”. It’s more than that! It’s growing and allowing to grow. It’s challenging others as they challenge you. It’s about people and that always allows room for growth and understanding. If I’m honest (I love beginnings like this……it’s like usually my truthfulness may be in question but this time I’ll tell you the truth) my wife and daughter will receive less of my time when I’m caught up in busy-ness. I can’t justify it and say they are used to it, but they kind of are, and they know that there are peaks and troughs with regards to my time. Looking forward to your next posting!

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