Having a blog

Well, it’s almost been a year that I’ve had my blog and I’ve been reflecting about whether it’s been of any use. I think it’s had a number of benefits aside from getting my ideas out there, which was the initial purpose:

  1. Writing and articulating ideas helps to clarify my thoughts.
  2. It’s meant I’ve had to keep up with my own P.D, so I have worthwhile things to blog about.
  3. It’s kept me accountable, as everything I write about is really open and transparent.
  4. I have to keep reflecting and thinking about the best way to teach and the way kids learn, so I have useful things to say.
  5. It’s improved my confidence in writing.
  6. This, along with clarifying my thoughts on the pedagogy of my class and beyond, has improved my confidence in talking to others about what I do in real life.
  7. It’s provided me with a place to record my ‘journey’ and allows me to look back and reflect.
  8. It helps visitors to my class understand what goes on in the class prior to their visit, and keep updated following the visit.
  9. I’ve enjoyed communicating with others via the comments on my blog.
  10. And I feel I have to make a nice list of ten, so I’ve also enjoyed watching number of views from around the world build too. That’s exciting.

Overall, I’d absolutely recommend it!


3 thoughts on “Having a blog

  1. I’ve read your post just in time! I’ve just started my own blog, about my leadership and the reasons you have listed here have helped me clarify why I should attempt to keep mine too. Thanks Emma.

      1. My big challenge is slightly change the discourse of each blog entry as it’s easy to write about the same thing over and over! Oh, and the challenge also of actually adding a post frequently!

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