True Ownership

Two days ago we started the final term of the year. We started off the day discussing what we needed to learn this term. What did we need to cover to be well prepared for intermediate? In truth, this was partially a little test, to see how much they actually knew about their learning and what their next steps were. Luckily they passed with flying colours!

Below is the list the class made, with just two additions from me. The ideas in italics indicate that this is something the whole class needs to learn and the rest will become opt-in meetings. They will be well prepared for intermediate!

Things we need to learn this term:

  • Handwriting
  • Drama – to do with our Unit of Inquiry
  • Geography – where places are
  • Art – maybe portraits? Using dye?
  • Maths – algebra, prime numbers, magic squares, geometry, maths goal, IKAN test in week 3
  • Writing – debating, spelling, writing goal, magazine articles
  • Reading – vocabulary, reading aloud, comprehension, self-monitoring, summarising, activating prior knowledge, research skills, key words, visualising, synthesising, questioning, skimming and scanning
  • Unit of Inquiry –  team work, researching
  • P.E – volleyball, swimming and athletics

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