The process behind changing the pedagogy in Room 3.

I gave an “Ignite” talk a couple of weeks ago on how I have developed, and am continuing to develop, the pedagogy in my classroom. How My-learning came to be, if you like.

If you are interested in this, please excuse the fact that I am obviously no public speaker!

Ignite Talk Auckland I Emma Winder from Emerging Leaders on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “The process behind changing the pedagogy in Room 3.

    1. Thanks Chris. I hope so too. I might have to hang around the CORE stand in the hope of catching you! Otherwise let’s connect through Twitter – @emmawinder25

  1. I have really enjoyed following your journey Emma so thanks for sharing. You mentioned the children had a diary, is this to plan their day? Could you explain how they record what they want to get through each day? My children fill out their own timetable (but it isn’t always done) so I am interested in your system.

    1. Hi Sue. Thanks for the comment. That’s exactly what it is for. The kids have a diary with empty spots that they can use to plan what they need to do and some spots that are filled with meetings children must attend. It just helps the students manage their time more effectively. I hope that answers your question – Emma.

  2. Thanks Emma, I like the sound of a diary rather than their own timetable, it sounds more flexible so I’ll have a chat with my kids and tweak our system. I know they often run over time with their activities and don’t always get done what they planned to do. – Sue

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