Class Twitter Account

This week we have started a class Twitter account which has been fun and beneficial. The initial purpose of this was:

  • To allow children to connect with other teachers and students around the world.
  • Students like to share their learning on Uspace but feel they only have a small audience. With Twitter, they can share their learning with other classes, globally.
  • To allow students to reflect on a more regular and organic basis, online.
  • It provides a genuine audience for their learning.

They have also enjoyed reading what other classes have been up to and have been excited when others begin to following them. I’d recommend it!


2 thoughts on “Class Twitter Account

  1. Hi Emma, started a version of “My Learning” with my Year 7&8 class as I thought it would be an excellent way to learn self-management. Will be spending some time over these holidays to reflect and revise. Don’t know if it was the year group that I have, but many really struggled to organise their day in order to get through the required learning. On a positive note, many enjoyed the opportunity to plan when they wanted to independently work on their maths, writing, reading etc. Do you have any suggested reading that I could do over the next fortnight? Thanks.

    1. Hi Megan. Thanks for the comment and good on you for giving it a go. I have personally found that it takes a fair bit of ‘scaffolding’ to get the students more independent and for a system like this to work successfully. May I suggest having a big reflect with your class and unpacking what worked, what didn’t and what improvements you all could make in Term 4. This will give them ownership and could help you out too. As for readings, off the top of my head whilst not at school due to the holidays, I’m not sure. Most of the P.D and reading I do comes from blogs and the like. if you haven’t come across this one yet, it’s consistently good –

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