Clarifying My-learning

I’ve found it difficult to portray the intricacies of My-learning to fellow educators. People tend to pick up on the self directed part of My-learning only, which is really a relatively small part of the entire pedagogy.  So I started down the road to putting it in diagrammatic form, which I hope will clarify what My-learning actually is in its entirety.

To begin with, I sat down with the D.P at school and our Assessment for Learning facilitator, Judy Munro-Keene, to nut it out. Below is what we came up with, which is by no means a finished product. (I apologise for the lack of artistic ability and poor handwriting!)


I then asked for the class’ feedback. Did this accurately portray who we are, what we do, how we think about learning and how we operate? At first, students sat in groups like stunned mullets and drew faces on the figure in the middle. EEEK! I thought, this is way too hard! But it wasn’t long before they started to have really in depth conversations and intense debates. It was impressive that this class have come so far, with regards to their critical thinking, analytical skills and ability to work in groups. Below are examples of a couple of group’s ideas, which will influence mine in determining the final product.



Do you have any feedback to help me with my diagram?



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