Student Led Conferences

This week, the Year 6s have been doing their Student Led Conferences. There have been a few differences this year that I have noticed, in comparison to previous years.

Firstly, the students have found it comparatively easy and it has been a much faster process in preparing for the conferences. I think this is because students are really used to talking about their learning. They know how to read their assessments, what the assessments mean and how this relates to their learning as a whole. They are so accustomed to reflecting, that articulating their learning is almost second nature to them. Students are also totally aware of where they are at and what their next learning steps are.

The other major difference I have seen at these conferences is in the parents. Comments have come out such as, “oh yes, I’ve seen that on your blog.” They are already aware of a lot of the learning that is going on in the classroom because students blog about it, have e-portfolios, take their “one books” (where all work for the unit except maths is) home at the end of every unit and know enough to effectively talk to their parents at home.

Which begs the question, will Student Led Conferences become pointless exercises in the not so distant future?


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