Student Reflection

I like to think the children in my class are reflective learners who use their reflections to take ownership over and further their learning. They have individual blogs and e-portfolios. They blog weekly and reflect on a more informal basis regularly. They give each other feedback and offer to help their peers out based on reading their class mate’s reflections.

However! The quality of their reflections is not always brilliant and there are some children who struggle to write meaningful reflections that assist them in taking responsibility for their leanring. I’ve tried many things to remedy this – modeling; a rubric; peer, teacher and self assesment; stentence starters; discussing the purpose of reflecting; and probing questions they can use to think about thier learning. Still there are students who find reflecting difficult.

So, I wondered, how do I get the entire class reflecting in a meaningful manner? Luckily, I stumbled accoss this helpful diagram, by Peter Pappas which I intend to try out this coming term as I feel it has the scope to improve reflections at all levels within the class.

Here’s my adaptation of the above model, that I will be using with my class. Reflection progression.


2 thoughts on “Student Reflection

  1. Do you think it is about having to write the reflection…or is it the actual thinking process behind the reflection?

    1. Thanks for the comment Robyn. I think it’s a mixture of both. They like reflecting, especially in in blog form, but some struggle to express themselves in general, whether it be because of English language skills or writing skills. However, the main problem as I see it is the deeper thinking/meta-cognitive skills required for a really in depth reflection.

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