Thinking about your teaching.

When I was at Ulearn last year, I wrote two lists – one of ‘things to implement’ and the other of ‘things to ponder or look into.’

I have recently revisited these lists as it is so easy to get wrapped up in everyday life then forget P.D like this and let ideas slip away.

One of the items on my ‘things to implement’ list was the following list which can be used to assess whether your teaching is resulting in “transformative learning”. I used this list to assess the core areas of my program. I apologise that I cannot remember the source of this but I found it useful to go thought and you might too.

Transformative learning needs to:

  • Have learning purpose and intrinsic motivation
  • Be an achievable challenge
  • Involve problem solving
  • Involve a desire the perform, create or design
  • Use wonderings
  • Involve choice
  • Involve negotiation
  • Involve collaboration
  • Have an issue to explore
  • Have a real world or a simulated world context
  • Have openness – able to be extended, different pathways, personalised level of achievement.
  • Have appropriate support available – scaffolding, accessible resources, expertise, formative feedback, stimulate metacognition
  • Incorporate assessment of process AND product – self, peer and expert
  • Incorporate learner reflection and self direction – goal setting, identifying level of support needed, reflection.

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