Thinking about innovation

I’ve been thinking lots about innovation lately and having some really good discussions with the principal at school, Jeff.

This video gave me some food for thought and, I think is worth watching.

I think it also links well to Malcom Gladwell’s book, Blink. All of Malcom Gladwell’s books are brilliant and though provoking if you are interested in sociology and psychology.

What can we take from this in schools?

  • Ideas need to percolate and will continue to grow over time. An idea is never ‘done’ or ‘finished’ and we shouldn’t believe we’ve got something down to a fine art, as an idea will continue to develop over time if you let it and reflect continuously.
  • Collaboration is key. We need to talk and connect with others more to grow and extend our ideas. This, I believe, should not be limited to within our school, but taken beyond though social media, blogs etc. Once again, I’m taken with the World Cafe idea…

One thought on “Thinking about innovation

  1. Hi Emma, like your blog. I tried the world cafe idea this term to gather ideas and get feedback from the school’s Maori community. We went to a lot of trouble to set up the area like a French cafe. We got a huge turnout and the concept worked better than we expected. The parents enjoyed it so much they want to do it again later in the year.

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