Catering for diversity

I’m no expert at all on catering for diverse students but a seminar I went to last night got me thinking about the way in which My-learning can work for such students that don’t ‘fit the mould.’

Thinking time

Children often need time to think. We know this of course but how often have you watched students struggle for something to write about or how exactly to word the story that’s in their mind? I think it helps students to:

1.       Know that they are going to have to write something in advance, so they can mull it over and plan what they are going to write. This, they get from their task list every week.

2.       Have the option to write straight after a modelling session or take the time to think, then write later.

3.       Put their writing on hold if they get stuck and come back to it later.

Picking the time of day that suits

So many children have told me often that they liked the way they could choose when to do their work. Especially for the subjects they found most challenging. For one child, getting the tricky things over and done with works well. For another having the chance to wake up a bit, get moving at morning tea time, then tackling the challenging tasks is better.

Ability to talk

As we were told last night at the seminar local teachers attended, children frequently need the opportunity to talk things through. It can help to discuss how to solve a maths problem, how to phrase a sentence best or just talk over and articulate thoughts and ideas. Of course this is nothing new but this is not always easy to accommodate in a silent writing lesson for instance. This is something else My-learning allows for.

I think this is possibly why teachers have found that the previously naughty and disengaged students in a My-learning classroom often become motivated and engaged all of a sudden…


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