Personalising our learning

I got a bit carried away today… but the kids really responded well. First I showed them Kahn Academy and TED Talks. Then we had a big chat about the importance of curiosity and taking responsibility for learning things we have identified we need to learn by ourselves. We went on to discuss how there was only one of me which meant I didn’t have the time or expertise to teach them everything they wanted and needed to know. Then we talked about ways of personalising learning, namely the internet, books and people (other children as well as adults).

Great response so far – at lunch half a dozen children stayed in totally unprompted to learn things all by themselves. This was a mixture of children in terms of abilities and general motivation levels. They learned all sorts of things ranging from heart failure (this child even took notes!) to extra typing practice because the child identified he wasn’t learning to type as fast as he wanted to. So, to encourage more of this, I made a board where children can add post-its when they have personalised their learning.

Exciting stuff for week 8! I wonder where we will be at the end of the year….?


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