End of week 3

Well this week was a bit of a mixed bag but we got there in the end!

Monday and Tuesday didn’t go quite so well. I think the children just felt like they had waaaay too much freedom! The children had to plan 2 days, but I think the end of Tuesday (this was when their work was due) felt an awfully long way away. This coupled with the fact some decided to test how low my standards were for the quality of their work was a recipe for disaster. Well perhaps not a disaster, but about half a dozen children didn’t finish on time. We therefore decided to reflect as a class and talked about what went wrong. The class decided (with a fair bit of teacher direction) that they needed to practice listening well to instructions, following written directions and only talking about learning. The classes over all lack of ability to follow written directions remains a mystery to me. They will inevitably forget what exactly their tasks entail following the initial briefing meeting when they are given their task list, but when this occurs, they do not think to look as their task list to see what they have to do! Of course this isn’t a universal problem for all the students in the class, but I guess they just haven’t had to do this kind of thing before.

So Wednesday was spent practicing the skills required to begin My-learning then we got right back into it on Thursday, again planning 2 days. It was therefore a relief that the latter 2 days of the week went really well. The class decided that every now and again I would stop them and they had to do 5 star jumps if they were not focusing on their learning and not talking about learning. This was funny at first then sufficiently annoying to act as a deterant for the children! On Friday, they decided that  they would just give themselves a rating at random intervals based on  the same criteria using their thumbs.

The class are getting much better at being honest about their learning, on the whole. We are still having a few problems with children’s lack of focus, difficulty with the freedom of being allowed to talk throughout the day (but keeping the conversation on their learning), understanding how long tasks take and completing work to a high standard but we are getting there. Bring on week 4!


One thought on “End of week 3

  1. Emma, I think it is great you are sharing your my-learning experiences for the rest of us to read. It allows us to see that getting my-learning going successfully in a class is about persistance and perseverence and laying down the foundation of essential skills that the children need. Good to see phys. ed. playing a part with the star jumps, especially as it is a focus area for our school this year ha ha. The children reflecting on their learning obviously plays a major part in the process so it is good to hear they are becoming much better at being honest about their learning. Thanks again for sharing the journey!

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