End of week 1

So, one week down already! This is the first time I’ve introduced my-learning with a view to begin teaching this way fast! The idea is to start this properly in week 3. Last year I delayed teaching this way because I was concerned about 2 or 3 students but, as it turns out, my concerns were unfounded. Hence starting the way I mean to go on earlier this year.

In order to get my-learning going quickly, I have focused intensely on 3 skills I have identified as vital for children to be able to cope in this system – independence, collaboration and time management. On the whole, the children have been pretty good at being independent. Strangely enough, they can follow verbal instructions more independently than written ones! We do need to work on this more though, in terms of students being independent of me. Collaboration has been trickier for the students. They can identify what is working and not working in a group setting, but are frequently unable to fix the things that aren’t working. I think we need to work on children taking a more personal responsibility for their role in the group. Lastly, time management – most students are pretty good with this and I think that those who are struggling will improve when they can plan our their day and take their time to do difficult things and  speed through less challenging tasks. The students last year also told me that being able to pick the time of day they completed (especially more difficult) tasks helped them do their best and complete work in a timely manner.

Next week – The plan for next week is to continue practicing being independent and working collaboratively. I’ll also teach them how to troubleshoot ICT issues and about digital citizenship. I’m assuming the children will be up to planning one day at a time on Thursday or Friday. Then the idea is to plan Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday-Friday in week 3, and then a full week in week 4. This will help the children learn how long tasks take, so they are better able to mange their time. Can’t wait!


One thought on “End of week 1

  1. Interesting that “they can follow verbal instructions more independently than written ones! We do need to work on this more though,”

    Is that we give so many verbal instructions to clarify that written instructions are almost redundant…?
    Are we telling them too much?

    Will they need to read an instruction manual in the future to set up their latest technology purchase or will they just watch the video on U tube???

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