Long overdue P.D

Thanks to this less than summery weather, it feels almost OK to be doing rather dull readings in the summer holidays!

Here is a summary of the important bits (to me anyway) and my thoughts on the Horizon Report:

  • It reinforced the importance of teaching children how to collaborate effectively.
  • E-Books – the opportunities for collaboration between readers is what seems really exciting to me. Kind of redefines reading from what is/was a hugely passive activity… If you haven’t already, take a look at Inanimate Alice, an intriguing way to read using a multimedia approach.
  • Mobiles – the importance of learning being accessible anywhere and NOW is not lost on me.
  • Augmented reality – give me time to mull this one over…
  • Game based learning – I’m not sure about this. I can understand the importance of games and fun in learning but some of this seems to be a bit of a gimmick to me. However, the report does say “the greatest potential of games for learning lies in their ability to foster collaboration, problem-solving, and procedural thinking.” Food for thought. It does also add the caveat “for a variety of reasons, the realization of this potential is still two to three years away” though. From the Committed Sardine blog –
    • “We have recently shown that playing first-person point of view action video games affects several aspects of perception, attention, and cognition,” said Bavelier.
      Skills that are enhanced by action video game training, Bavelier said, include low-level vision owing to enhanced contrast sensitivity function; various aspects of attention, such as monitoring several objects at once or searching through a cluttered scene; more complex task constructs such as multi-tasking and task-switching; and a general speeding up of perceptual processing. (Whole article)
    • Gesture based computing – how silly are we going to look?!
    • Learning analytics – note to self – must look into Google Analytics

I also had a proper look at the latest video Simon Breakspear has put on his site. Well worth a look. He talks, amongst other things, about the need to assess children’s needs, motivations, aspirations and what is relevant to them. Perhaps too often we only assess their needs… He also mentions personalising learning though kids helping each other. I have found the children’s individual blogs assist with this, but must make a bigger effort to encourage this behaviour this coming year. Exciting stuff.


Lastly, after a bit of a potter around, I discovered this blog – What Ed Said – which had some rather interesting bits and pieces to read on it.


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